Why are you doing this. What’s your purpose?

So … why are you doing this?

One of the more difficult things that people have shared with me is the ability to define purpose in their lives. Most are focussed on the quest to find their life’s purpose, but many struggle with applying purpose to most things in their day-to-day lives.


Finding purpose requires setting aside focused time and having patience. For many the quest to define purpose is lost in the busyness of everyday noise where we are bombarded from multiple directions, with more information and distractions than could be defined as clinically acceptable. In this nutcase scenario the search for – or task of defining purpose is relegated to the back room and a place filled with justified excuses why defining a purpose is not important.

There is a mass bombardment on us every day when it comes to things that try and influence your decisions and shape your thinking. There are millions of events in a day that cause distractions and that lead your thinking and efforts down a path that has been given very little consideration as to why you are doing something.

Wasted time, energy and effort for nothing

There is limited time in a day and a limited allocation of time in a lifetime. We do not have unlimited energy either. Therefore we need to make sure that what we are doing is the best use of our time and energy and efforts and thereby extract the maximum benefits from it. For each person the definition of this will vary as we all have a different outlook on life. But no matter how different this outlook is, if there is no purpose to what we do, then we will constantly be tugged about and find ourselves fulfilling the purposes of those who do have a purpose.


One of the most powerful tools we have available to us is the ability to ask the question why. Remember when you were a young child how often you asked the question why. It opened the doors to exploring more about what you did not know or understand. When the question is answered you are confident to move in that direction – most times.

The greatest value to asking why is that it helps to clarify and validate something. The validation of why you want to spend your time, effort and energy on something is crucial to not wasting your time on something with no value to you or others.

For the most part, the majority of our failed expectations, injured emotions, flawed perceptions and poor decisions can find their origin in the lack of a defined purpose for pursuing something. When a strong purpose is defined for something, the expectations are mostly realised, emotions run positively high when outcomes are realised, all choices and decisions are measured against the purpose (which eliminates poor decisions) and all perceptions are focused and aligned on the purpose defined objectives.

When it comes to scenarios where more than one person is involved such as groups, teams, businesses or relationships, a defined and agreed upon purpose for pursuing something is a powerful focuser that aligns everyone to a common goal for a common reason. It eliminates the propensity for some people to wander of the defined paths. It continually asks the question of any new tasks relative to the bigger why, and thereby ensures that everyone and everything is aligned to the greater purpose for something being pursued.

The Power of Expectations book and resource workbooks will help you work through the elements that can possibly be working against you, or identify those elements that are working in your favour.

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