What Drives your Decisions

Decisions, decisions!

There were few things that stressed Alison out as much as having to make a decision. “What if I get it wrong …. What if nobody agrees with my choice …. Is it the right decision?” There are so many different types of pressure coming from all directions when it comes to choices or decisions that it is no surprise that so many people struggle with it.

But our choices and decision making does not exist in isolation – it has a number of other factors that impact on how we make decisions, and of course our choices have a broader impact on other impact areas. In the Power of Expectationdecisionss the Continuum of Expectations, Perceptions and Emotions includes the fourth element that is inseparable from the other three – Decisions.

The choices we make today will determine the tomorrow we live.

Another way of looking at our choices and their impact on our lives is that what we have today has been forged in the decisions we made in the past


The decisions of our past are the architects of our present – Dan Brown

How the Continuum works in relation to your choices

For more detail on this you need to read the book The Power of Expectations, or the articles The Power of Expectations or Getting more from the things in your life.

Continuum graphic

The chicken omelette solution

The quick overview starts with the chicken and egg conundrum – which came first? It doesn’t matter because life is more like an egg omelette – it is irrelevant which came first because the each element impacts on the other and sets a series or irreversible events into motion where each impacts the others (Notice plural – others)

There are four elements that I have termed the Continuum and these elements are Expectations, Emotions, Perceptions and Decisions. Each has an impact on the others and therefore each one is driven by the others. So back to the chicken or egg.

Let’s start with Expectations because we are extremely expectant creatures. We can expect the best and the worst. Either one drives how we perceive everything around us, is fuelled by our emotions that are attached to that expectation and ultimately what we expect, how we feel about it and how we perceive it relative to other things in our life will shape our choices and decisions.

I know that was a mouthful – but maybe stop for a brief moment and reflect on events in your life. Maybe something recent. Now consider how your choices were weighed up based on how you perceived the outcome to be, how your emotions from previous or similar outcomes made you feel.

Now examine your expectation of the outcome relative to how you feel about it, how you see it. If your example was from a positive experience, try switching to an experience that was not as positive where the outcome did not work out the way you wanted it to. Now examine those expectations, emotions, perceptions and decisions again from this perspective.

Your choices will always be weighed up in relation to the Continuum. Your decisions will always be based on the choices you have and on your expectations, perceptions and emotions. But let me add some more pressure to you when it comes to making decisions.

Remember that your decisions will always impact your future and your future expectations, it will impact on your emotions, and it will be the driver on how you see future events. But most of all – remember that all four elements impact each other. Ignore it and its power will work against you. Harness it, and its power will have a positive meaningful impact in your life.





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