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Life is full of advice from every quarter that you can get your eyes ears and hands on. You get it from friends and family. You can get it from any computer, tablet or smartphone connected to the internet.

You can get it from professionals and definitely from know-it-all’s. And you definitely get it from the news media and advertising mediums that have the intention of shaping and influencing your thinking for their purposes – whatever that may be.

The same bodes for politicians, scammers, fraudsters and false prophets via any of the mediums they choose to propagate their message.

With this constant barrage on your senses, the chance that you eventually buckle under the weight and unknowingly subscribe to all sorts of expectations and perspectives that shape your thinking and behaviour is understandable – but also unnerving to say the least.


Ever have the feeling you are not quite in control? An overriding reason for this is that you are being influenced, cajoled, swayed and therefore led by so many things other than yourself. The net result is that on a regular basis you feel like you have no control, and somehow you simply cannot put your finger on why.

Even if you have a good idea why you are having these feelings, the way to resolve it, and get on top of it seems to elude you.


It’s time to take control, and the only way you can do that is by getting to a place where you can begin to lead yourself . When you intentionally and purposefully start this process, then this is the beginning of self-leadership and control.

It does not mean that you cannot indulge yourself in any of the sources of information, knowledge, wisdom and entertainment mentioned above – albeit it genuine, or rubbish – that is for you to decide.

It simply means that it’s a matter of taking control of your world and the realms that adversely affect it. How you achieve this is by knowing what is in play, being aware of how it impacts you, and then having the confidence to exercise the choices available to you. This means that instead of being an unwilling passenger, or in some cases a victim, you can now be more in control of what happens to you.


Hard at work behind all of these influencing factors are the different dimensions connected to the different expectations in play.

The dimensions of emotions, state-of-mind, perceptions, attitude, actions, reactions, behaviour and the meaning we attach to anything, are all used to shift you from your current state to a new desired state.

When you establish an awareness of these factors, and know how to manage them, you will have taken a quantum step towards regaining control through self-leadership. One model that can help you with this process of taking back control is the EXP Factor.

This philosophy and model exposes you to the continuum of five of the most impactful dimensions that are always in play within your life, regardless of the situation or setting. These highly volatile, sensitive and powerful dimensions that consist of emotions, perceptions, purpose, actions and expectations are all interconnected with one another.



This interconnectedness is very potent as it means that each of these dimensions is always influencing and impacting the others.

The key is to maintain a balance between the dimensions. When one (or more) dimensions move out of balance, then the troubles begin. The total upside of this interconnectedness is, that even though their constant interaction can wreak havoc in your life, it also means that if you intentionally shift one of the dimensions, you can create a change in the any or all of the others. This shift can therefore totally change your whole scenario for you.

This in effect means that you have taken more control of the things that impact you, and now you are managing them. This is self-leadership.

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The EXP Factor Book

To help you manage expectations, the EXP Factor book by Steve Vanstraaten will challenge many of the preconceived perceptions in your personal life, and the collective spaces you operate within such as the workplace, business, education, and community.

What you are navigating through on this site is only the tip of an iceberg. In the EXP Factor book you will learn about expectations and how they impact on your life. The key impact dimensions in every human interaction (the Continuum) will give you a whole new viewpoint on life and business.

You will be able to look at any scenario and diagnose the issues at hand. The models that are shared will equip you to establish new ventures, whether personally, in your business or in the workplace, and set them up with a better chance of success right out of the starting blocks.

The book is in its final stages and is almost ready for launch.

Pre- order and receive an early subscriber discount on the book. Plus, you will automatically stand a chance of being one of ten people to receive a free module of EXP Factor course from Berkley Institute

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