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There is an ongoing battle in your mind and you could be losing.

There is a never-ending barrage of expectations at the heart of this battle. There are your own expectations (you may not be aware that many of them are not really yours. You have unknowingly, and over time, embraced them as your own, but they stemmed from external sources). And then there are the expectations of everyone else around you.

The biggest contingent of thought influencers and shapers come from external sources around you. These are from friends, colleagues, parents, teachers, politicians, the media … and so the list can go on and on.



There is a key fundamental at play in all of this. Your expectations and your thoughts are one and the same thing. What you think is what you expect, and what you expect will dominate your thoughts. Expectations are the common core. But what is so significant about this?

The EXP Factor brings to the fore the interconnectedness of some very powerful dimensions in our lives. Emotions, perceptions, purpose, actions and our expectations.

They are all interconnected with expectations – yours and everyone else’s. This means that the Expectation/Thought connection is constantly impacted on by these dimensions. The caveat is that they are all in turn impacted on by the Expectation/Thought – a bit of yin and yang.

The result is that there are by far more things shaping how you think than what you give conscious though to. Power thinking is the ability to manage the expectation-centred realm by knowing what dimensions are in play, how each influences the others, and how to shift certain dimensions in order to safeguard, or focus your thinking on the results you want.

The EXP Factor is a look at all these interconnected realms and elements, and in a simple way helps you become aware of them and how to manage them to your advantage.


This is the path to Self-Leadership

The EXP Factor Book

To help you manage expectations, the EXP Factor book by Steve Vanstraaten will challenge many of the preconceived perceptions in your personal life, and the collective spaces you operate within such as the workplace, business, education, and community.

What you are navigating through on this site is only the tip of an iceberg. In the EXP Factor book you will learn about expectations and how they impact on your life. The key impact dimensions in every human interaction (the Continuum) will give you a whole new viewpoint on life and business.

You will be able to look at any scenario and diagnose the issues at hand. The models that are shared will equip you to establish new ventures, whether personally, in your business or in the workplace, and set them up with a better chance of success right out of the starting blocks.

The book is in its final stages and is almost ready for launch.

Pre- order and receive an early subscriber discount on the book. Plus, you will automatically stand a chance of being one of ten people to receive a free module of EXP Factor course from Berkley Institute

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