Beyond Expectations Moment #1

It is rare that I am truly inspired to write something as a beyond expectations moment.
The frenetic and increasingly frigid world we encounter every day has resulted in an environment where it is uncommon for people to deliver beyond our expectations.

So, when something occurs that breaks this drab mould and delivers what deep down we expect, then it is worth shouting its praises. Right now I want to share one of those beyond expectations moments.

The 13th South African PA of the Year Awards is a magnificent event where the top professional assistants and secretaries gather to celebrate their profession. It is also the gala event where one person is awarded the top accolade in their field for the year, and becomes the ambassador for their profession.

As one of the judges for the 2018 annual award, I wanted to have an early start to ensure that I had a hassle-free mindset for the event. So, to avoid the crazy morning traffic rush I set out really early for the event’s venue, the Sun Times Square in Pretoria South Africa.

Arriving at my destination so early in the morning, what I needed was a good cappuccino and a breakfast.
My search for a coffee shop brought me to the Vida e Caffe in the Times Square casino, but it seemed like luck was not with me as they were not yet open for business. It was another fifteen minutes before their opening time (for hot drinks) and fourty-five minutes before their opening time for breakfast. So why am I telling you this?

EXP Moment #1. S’celo was the only person in the coffee shop and busy setting up for the day. Despite his start up routine, he was prepared to make me a cappuccino once he had the machine ready. Ten minutes later the other staff arrived to start their day.

EXP Moment #2. A short while after the other staff arrived, one of them approached me and asked how I would like my eggs as they were busy making my breakfast. This was half an hour before their official opening time for meals.

So, what is so exceptional about all of this? Many similar scenarios have played themselves out differently. I am normally told that it is not their opening time and that I will have to wait until such time. Not so for this Vida e Caffe Times Square team of S’celo, Kagiso, Bongi and Mpumi.

Two really good cappuccinos and a great breakfast later, I was able to make my way to the awards event. What a way to start a day that was only going to get better. The attitude of the Vida e Caffe Times Square staff made my day a special one. To Maggie (the manager) and your team, thank you, and keep what you have going – you are my EXP Moment for September.

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