"Everything automatically has an expectation attached to it."

There is not one interaction or moment that does not have an expectation attached to it.

Expectations are powerful – they encapsulate our hopes, our dreams, our aspirations, our goals and belief in things. They also embody our fears, our limitations and biases.

This is why they are so powerful – they have the ability to energise, inspire and move you forward when they are realised, but they also have the power to bleed away your enthusiasm, your confidence, energy, hopes and dreams.

Nothing exists in isolation


Expectations will impact on your immediate emotions and shape your future state of mind. It will influence how you perceive every event in your life – current and future. Expectations have the power to drive your choices, decisions, reaction and actions.

“Learn how to see. Realise that everything connects to everything else”

Leonardo Da Vinci

Expectations, Emotions, Perception, Purpose, Actions

Expectations, Emotions, Perception, Purpose and Actions are all key driving factors in our personal lives, social encounters, in organisations, business, communities and nations. They are all interconnected to each other. We expect, we feel and we see. We have to have a purpose, and we react and act in every situation.

These are the fundamental dimensions that drive and shape our days and everything within it. They all exert pressure on each other and impact each other on a continual basis. This never ending interaction and influence of the five key dimensions is the continuum.

EXP-C 5 Dimensions

What if you could change your scenario
by shifting one other dimension in the Continuum?

Shifting a change

When each dimension is connected to every other dimension, the power to cause a shift or a change in any other dimension is possible simply by influencing a movement in one or more of the other dimensions.

To change the outcome of an event you can shift the perceptions, emotions or purpose of a team. To change an expectation that is failing to materialise, you can use the EXP Continuum to evaluate the cause, and then initiate a change by shifting any of the continuum dimensions that are a cause of the expectation failure.


Design your ventures for success from the outset

When starting anything new, use the EXP Continuum as a blueprint and checklist to ensure that you have set yourself up for success from the outset. You can achieve success by design through utilising the core EXP dimensions as a checklist. To ensure ongoing success, you can use the blueprint as a quick reference guide to gauge if you are still on track.

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