Emotions – How are you feeling?

There is nothing more powerful that can bring you to your knees, destroy your spirit, raise you above limitations, or inspire you to do great things, than the intensity of emotions


Emotions – these crazy things can be such a driving force in our lives. They can motivate us to move mountains, and they are also be the wet blanket that snuffs out the flames of our passion and desires.

how are you doing

They are complicated. I can imagine that since the beginning of time mankind has wrestled with emotions and attempted to understand them better. But no matter how emotionally mature you think you are, you still get blindsided by emotions that are driven by circumstances or events that were not in your direct control.


The all-consuming power of feelings


So many wars have been started over emotions that well up. Eternal feuds between rival families have existed for centuries because of stirred up emotions. Countless relationships have been wrecked because of this intense chemical-enduced state of how we feel.

We are moved in ways that nothing else can do when emotions are thrown into the mix. Scientific studies have shown that when emotions are present, we are more driven to act on something and stick with it.

These same studies have identified that cohesion in groups to rally together and achieve something is much greater when emotion is involved at the outset. It’s not something to dispute – we have all experienced this phenomenon, and we all know the massive power that our emotions hold over us and others.

Along with death and taxes ranking right up there as certainties, our emotions have to be included – they are going to happen to you. By now you hould be aware of the EXP Factor (if not you need to go to TheEXPfactor.com so that this does not all become quite confusing rather quickly). You will see something powerful calle the Expectation Cointinuum, and will realise that the elements of expectations, emotions, perceptions and purpose and actions all influence or impact on each other in potent ways.

It’s rather like a set of dominoes where you knock over one and it triggers a chain reaction of falling dominoes. In the case of the EXP Continuum, your emotions are going to set a whole series of of other powerful dimensions into motion.

Every emotion is going to change how you see things, and in turn every decision is going to affect how you feel, what you expect and how you perceive other events. It is even relevant to the limbo period while you wait for an outcome.

Here’s the challenge – try every permutation of the Continuum that you can imagine and see if it doesn’t have an impact or influence on all the other elements.

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