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Often the balance in life becomes unsettled and affects us in ways that we do not want or expect. This imbalance occurs within the realm containing the most impactful dimensions in our lives.

What if you could shift just one of these dimensions, and this shift could cause a positive change in your life, relationships, workplace, or any other scenario you find yourself in – how significant would this be to you?



This ability to SHIFT and CHANGE is something that exists and you have been using it in one way or another already – you are just not intentionally aware of it, or deliberately applying it to your advantage.

There are five key dimensions that make up the EXP Continuum and all five are interconnected. Each influences and impacts all of the others on a continual basis. The key is to keep these dimensions of the continuum in balance.


Each dimension on its own is a powerful driver and influencer, but when combined, they form a very powerful force that shapes every aspect of humanity and its interaction with itself.

The balance of the expectation continuum is challenged on a regular basis, and subconsciously we make adjustments to help maintain that balance. But on an equally regular basis the quest to keep the balance fails, and produces the adverse impacts in our lives.

Because all the dimensions are interconnected and influence each other, it gives us the power to intentionally shift a dimension that is causing the imbalance. This shift causes a ripple effect throughout the other dimensions and the continuum as a whole. Knowing how to identify which dimension to shift, becomes power in your hands.

The EXP Continuum is significant in two ways;



When something is failing to produce what you expect, you can use the EXP Continuum model to determine the cause (or causes). When you know where the problem is, you are in a position to shift one dimension and change the existing scenario.



The best case is always to get out of the starting blocks with the best chance of it being a success. This way you can avoid having to manage expectations that are failing, or that are causing you problems throughout the continuum dimensions.

Use the Expectation Continuum as a model to set things up for a greater chance of success right out of starting gate. This will help you ensure that the crucial continuum dimensions are in balance before you begin.

Understanding the Expectation Continuum and its dimensions is a step closer to changing your world. To find out more about the continuum, its dimensions and how to manage them, attend an event near you (See Event Calendar) or pre-register to be notified when the EXP Factor book is launched.

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The EXP Factor Book

To help you manage expectations, the EXP Factor book by Steve Vanstraaten will challenge many of the preconceived perceptions in your personal life, and the collective spaces you operate within such as the workplace, business, education, and community.

What you are navigating through on this site is only the tip of an iceberg. In the EXP Factor book you will learn about expectations and how they impact on your life. The key impact dimensions in every human interaction (the Continuum) will give you a whole new viewpoint on life and business.

You will be able to look at any scenario and diagnose the issues at hand. The models that are shared will equip you to establish new ventures, whether personally, in your business or in the workplace, and set them up with a better chance of success right out of the starting blocks.

The book is in its final stages and is almost ready for launch.

Pre- order and receive an early subscriber discount on the book. Plus, you will automatically stand a chance of being one of ten people to receive a free module of EXP Factor course from Berkley Institute

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