Bare Naked Truth #1

If our expectations are such an integral part that touches so many aspects of our lives, then it’s probably a good thing to strip it down to get a better understanding of it. You probably want to know where your expectations come from. How they impact on your life, which are the good ones and the bad, and you will also want to know how to embrace solid expectations.

By stripping it all down I am going to give them a name – “Bare Naked Truths”. There are 5 naked truths that you need to know about when it comes to managing your expectations and those of others around you. After all we do not exist alone and most of our expectations involve others – so best you understand how to manage yours and others expectations.


Naked truth #1


“We will never stop believing that we can get more from the things in our lives”


From the poorest to the wealthiest, the most famous to the obscure, and from the most optimistic to the sceptics, everyone has this built in belief and desire that drives them. It’s what makes us such expectant creatures.

This might be the first time that this truth has been revealed to you, but you need to know that it is fundamental in understanding who you are and what drives you and those around you to do what we do, and get what we’ve got.


“More love, money, peace, from our relationships, more respect ……”


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We strive to get more from our relationships, more love, more respect, more money, more from our work, more positive results, and more peace. You can add more to the list as it will go on and on. Some may say that they strive to get less in their lives rather than more. Less pain, less hurt, less.

But the “less’s” are simply a matter of focusing on the more negative aspects and lacks in your life instead of focusing on the positive things you want.


Despite the viewpoint, what you really want is more in your life. More of what is opposite to what you don’t want. Go on – try it out. Reverse what it is that you don’t want. Instead of wanting less of bad friendships you are really craving for more solid, meaningful and trustworthy friends.

Less pain means more pleasure, less hardship means more of the things that alleviate hardship, and less abuse means more love, more respect, more care.

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“Bare Naked Truth 1.1”

Bare naked truth # 1 is only the beginning. It is an awareness truth just in case you were not aware of it. It is a foundational truth because it reveals to you where so many of your expectations, emotions, perceptions and decisions stem from and can go right or wrong.

Bare naked truth 1.1 – You need to know more about naked truths 2 to 5 to form a better visual of the whole picture. This will start to come together and help you make sense of many of the things that do and don’t work out as you expected. But you will have to read the next article Bare Naked Truth #2.

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