Unrealised expectations are a powerhouse that can slowly chip away at you, or even rapidly destroy your life. Every person has the desire and hope that their expectations will play out as they expect them to. This is what drives us forward and continues to ignite the human soul and spirit in so many positive ways.

When expectations fail, your desire and intent to turn it around is still there but somehow it feels as if it will never change. You can turn situations around that are not working for you – if you know how. The start point to tapping into this is to know about the EXP Factors, how they are playing out in your life, where they could be limiting you, and where they could be sabotaging what you are expecting.

For you, this becomes even more powerful when you can leverage off the EXP Dimensions and take advantage of your strengths.

The EXP Factor is your self-leadership blueprint. It is time to move beyond managing in a world where the majority of influencing factors disarm your ability to take control of your life. It is time to replace it with something that will help you become the leader of yourself.

Explore the potential to SHIFT one dimension for massive CHANGE

Master your expectations

When you know what sits behind so many of the things in your life, you will be able to make decisions that don’t set a wrong chain reaction in motion. You will be able to avoid certain scenarios, and influence the potential success of desired outcomes rather than leaving it to chance.

Whenever there is more than one person, the complexity increases. The more you understand about expectations and the continuum, the better equipped you will be to influence the direction and outcome of these interactions.

The journey to a different outcome begins when you accept that the battle is between what you know and what you don’t know. What has been working for you and against you. Between what you are willing to own up to, and what you are willing to change.

To drive a change, you need to manage expectations.

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To help you manage expectations, the EXP Factor book by Steve Vanstraaten will challenge many of the preconceived perceptions in your personal life, and the collective spaces you operate within such as the workplace, business, education, and community.

What you are navigating through on this site is only the tip of an iceberg. In the EXP Factor book you will learn about expectations and how they impact on your life. More importantly, you will learn how to manage the powerful expectation realm. The key impact dimensions that are present in every human interaction (the Continuum) will give you a whole new viewpoint on life and business.

You will be able to look at any scenario and diagnose the issues at hand. The models that are shared will equip you to establish new ventures, whether personally, in your business or in the workplace, and set them up with a better chance of success right out of the starting blocks.

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