Change your world

Often the balance in life becomes unsettled and affects us in ways that we do not want or expect. This imbalance occurs within the realm containing the most impactful dimensions in our lives. What if you could shift just one of these dimensions, and this shift could cause a positive change in your life, relationships, workplace, or any other scenario you find yourself in – how significant would this be to you?     This ability to SHIFT and CHANGE is something that exists and you have been using it in one way or another already - you are [...]

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Expectational Energy

There will always be a time when you feel down, when your energy is low and your desire to face the day is close to zero. There are so many factors for that can be behind this, but here is one that I want you to focus on. Expectation-driven energy. Every expectation you have contains an energy that depends on the type of expectation you are holding onto. If you are excited about an upcoming event – then your EXP Energy will be positive. If you find yourself in a state where you are fearful, anxious or nervous [...]

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