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Got some advice – what now?

It is all too common to receive advice on what we should do.

How to do it is not so common, and is by far the more difficult thing to achieve.

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So – when considering the Continuum of Expectations, Emotions, Perceptions, Decisions and Purpose – what is it that you want to know more on How you do it?

  • How to change your flawed expectations that never materialise;
  • How to make sure your perceptions are the right ones;
  • How to make better decisions;
  • How to find, and define the purpose for something;
  • How to avoid being manipulated through expectations;
  • How to deal with negative emotions.

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If you have not read the article on The Power of Expectations, I would like to guide you to the blog so that you can know more about the background behind the five elements. This will help you better understand how these elements are at play in your life and how they are powerful drivers that will help you, or hinder your outcomes.


how-to (do)


What is on your mind?

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  1. Ana-Maria 28/10/2015 at 3:40 pm

    Congrats Steve – this is awesome…and long overdue.

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