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It is not for the feint-hearted. This is a space that requires massive support to push through the tough times. It is a road that requires business support and a keen nose for deal making.

But more than this, it is a space that requires massive amounts of inner support. The kind that re-energises your soul when things aren’t working out as expected. When the going gets tough it requires support that lifts you up, inspires you and keeps you pressing through the obstacles.

For the most part the entrepreneurs’ path is a lonely one. Long hours of work and deep inner thinking can wear you down, especially at the start up stages.

The psychology of entrepreneurship is there to offer the support you need deep down. The type of support you need where someone can understand what you are going through. The kind of support that when it all becomes a bit noisy and overwhelming, helps you re-focus on the things that matter .

Being an entrepreneur is an expectations game. After all, you decided to become an entrepreneur on the back of the expectations it can produce for other people, and what you expect it to produce for you. Those expectations have to be managed carefully if they are to keep you going forward and persevere.

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What you need is a blueprint or something like a flight checklist that a pilot uses. The Expectation Leadership Blueprint is designed to be this type of model for the entrepreneur. It is based on the psychology behind your expectations.

It seamlessly interfaces with the management principles required to successfully manage a business and also to lead others. It is a go-to model to help you set up for a better chance of success from the outset, and it is also a blueprint that can be used as a checklist along your journey.

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