“Almost every successful person begins with two beliefs;
the future can be better than the present, and I have the power to make it so.”
David Brooks

Life is complex. Relationships are intricate, complicated and ever shifting. Careers, children, jobs, businesses and professional pressures are interwoven with social and information overload pressures. Every day we are all filled with hope, belief and trust – these are our expectations. But somehow these don’t always deliver what we “expect.”

Do you have EXP Energy or EXP Fatigue?

If you want your future to be better than your present, you have to have the energy that comes from positive expectations – you have to avoid expectation fatigue. Fatigue occurs when your expectations fail to materialise. It can also occur when a few EXP failures have happened in your life.

It is all interconnected

Your expectations are inter-connected with your emotions. They are in turn connected to how you see things in your world (your perceptions), what you define as important and meaningful to you (purpose) and how you react to situations, sum up choices, make decisions and move into action, or not.

It is a balance that needs to be established if you want things to work out for you. When this continuum balance is out of proportion, your expectations are at risk of not being achieved. Failed expectations become rogue and form the foundation for your future expectations, hopes, dreams, goals, and beliefs.

Power, and balancing the Continuum Dimensions

There is so much power if you can just harness the ability to manage your expectations and the other continuum dimensions that are all equally critical to success in your life areas. EXP will give you the ability to avoid embracing expectations that are flawed and that will ultimately set you up for turmoil that failed expectations inflict on you. By eliminating flawed expectations you will avoid building your future expectations, emotions, perceptions and actions of a framework that has been severely compromised by a combination of failed expectations.