A restless search for success – getting more from the things in your life

We all want more from the “things” in our lives. Some of them may seem obvious, but many are not. They will also change at different times in your life as circumstances drive a new set of expectations to deal with.

Often you may have this nagging feeling that there has to be more to your life, more meaning, more direction, more significance – but cannot be sure what it is – but it’s there!

So … the question is – what are these “things”?

To help your train of thought, there are only three types of things; the “things” we want, the “things” we don’t want, and the “things” that just happen whether we want them to or not – life happens.

The greatest investment we all have is time. It is also one of the least used investments because we fail to set aside time to think about the important things that matter to us. Exploring what your “thing” is requires an investment of your time … so go ahead and spend some time on this one….

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