How expectations are key to your energy states

Expectations and energy states are interconnected, and there is a natural exchange or impact that comes from your expectations. It will either extract a price from you, or pay a dividend.

This price/ dividend will manifest itself in the form of positive inspirational energy that drives you forward, re-energises you and inspires. On the other hand, it will fatigue you, exhaust you, demotivate you and even bring you to a place of emotional and physical fatigue.



Our complex and fast-paced world places loads on us that exact a toll. It can quickly get you stuck in a fatigued energy state as you attempt to navigate the landscape.

There is a way to effectively manage your energies when you equip yourself with the knowledge of what to embrace, and what to avoid. By understanding what adds energy and what drains it away.

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Expectations have three energy states that they can invoke. Each of these has a bearing on how you look at every situation and has an impact on your overall perspective and attitude. It therefore has a direct influence on how you are forming and shaping your future.




These EXP Energies are not the reserve of your individual life only. They are equally relevant to teams, groups and any collective scenario such as the workplace, businesses and organisations.

The EXP Factor book covers the triggers and drivers of expectational energy. In the book you will find out how to safeguard your positive energy, or get it back if you have lost it due to expectation-driven events that have failed you.


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