Take back control

It’s time to take back control, and the only way you can do that is by getting to a place where you lead yourself. When you intentionally and purposefully start this process it becomes the beginning of self-leadership and [...]

Change your world

Often the balance in life becomes unsettled and affects us in ways that we do not want or expect. This imbalance occurs within the realm containing the most impactful dimensions in our lives. What if you [...]

Power Thinking

There is an ongoing battle in your mind and you could be losing. There is a never-ending barrage of expectations at the heart of this battle. There are your own expectations (you may not [...]

The Moron Gene

There is a point where increased effort produces fewer results. It’s a point of diminishing returns because even though you are investing more and more time pursuing something, you are doing so from an exhausted foundation.

The Power of Expectations

Everything we hope for, believe in, trust and anticipate can be summed up as our expectations. Our inspiration, motivation, emotions, confidence, fears, limitations, trepidation - our goals, our wants, needs and desires are our expectations. They have so much influence and [...]

Expectation Rule # 3

To succeed at anything requires the confidence that comes from knowing you stuff. If it’s a game, the “stuff” you had better know is the playing field, the rules, the game plans (of yourself, your teammates and your opponents), [...]

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